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As a homeowner getting ready to sell your property, it  can be tough to separate your emotional attachment to the house you made  memories in from the need to help potential buyers picture themselves  making the space their own.

Even if you’ve already gotten over the emotional hump of selling your home  the pressure to price the house correctly and attract the right buyers  can be its own obstacle. You may find yourself taking a note from past  generations and burying a statue of St. Joseph in the yard or scouring  online listings at all hours to see how competing homes on the market  are priced.

Whether you’re ready to move into a bigger house for your  growing family, downsize to a smaller place or relocate to a different  part of the country for work, the process of selling a house is one that  requires work – maybe more work than you anticipated. You may need  a professional Real Estate Agent, Contact me Patti Alonzo. 


Before You sell Your home

Important Information. Read Carefully.

  As good as the home market is right now , home prices are still below what they were a few short years ago when they were are their peak. Buyers are far more discriminating, and a large percentage of homes that are listed never sell. It's more critical than ever to learn what you need to know in order to avoid costly mistakes and successfully market and sell your home for all it's worth. Here are the most critical steps you need to maximize your profits, minimize your effort and avoid stress. 

  Home Buyers take note: This is what you will be facing in the new home market. You have to learn how to combat these techniques. Keep reading carefully, there's more information Specifically for You in the next Section Below.

  A great Realtor will help the Seller in this demanding negotiation process.

1. Determine your goals early.   Deciding to sell your home is often underrated in and of itself but this decision will affect everything from setting the price for your home to how long you will invest in time and money to market the house. Both can have a huge impact as to how much you will walk away with and when.

2. Do your homework before setting a price. Look  it  can be tough to separate your emotional  attachment to the house you made  memories in from the need to help  potential buyers picture themselves  making the space their own.

Even  if you’ve already gotten over the emotional hump of selling your home   the pressure to price the house correctly and attract the right buyers  can be its own obstacle. After reviewing sale prices of comparable homes in your area, you're ready to set a fair asking price for you property. Usually a Realtor can provide a Custom CMA (Comparative Market Analysis), this is not a property assessment however. Property assessments are done by a bank for lending  purposes. Check out the "Pricing Pyramid" and where the bottom line is,  Set a higher price and play the waiting game; or set a realistic price and prepare to move!  (see more about the CMA and Pricing Pyramind

at the  link or continue reading the rest of the article below ).

3. Estimating Net Proceeds. Based on the established asking price a "Net Sheet" may now be presented to you. This worksheet itemizes costs associated with selling your property and subtracts them for your sale price, which now gives you  what you will receive in total from the sale of your home.

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Learn more about CMAs and the Pricing Pyramid here.


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Essential Steps for Sellers

   4. Find a good Real Estate Agent to Represent You and Your Home to meet your  needs. Most Homeowners wouldn't use the same realtor who sold their last home. Don't be disappointed by lower pricing and strained relations  which is result of poor communication .

  5. Maximize your homes sales potential by attracting the right buyers. Each year billions are spent on marketing homes. Appearance is critical. Prepare to sell your home by cleaning up, making repairs (that home inspections and appraisals may be required to complete by the lenders prior to closing. which again could cost you more in the end.) Some Realtors will conduct this "walk through" for you. Ask them for guidance prior to showing your home. Mentally place yourself in the buyers shoes as you review the property. Lastly clear out, remember sometimes less is more in the decor of your home. Buyers want to envision their lifestyle in the home and notice the unique features that they love and will help sell your home even quicker. Selling your home also includes the listing and marketing of your home. Remember the more buyers the better. this increases the chance of getting the price you set; because it sets an auction like atmosphere that puts you in charge.

  6. When the buyers come...remember step one ? Where you decided to sell your house and set a goal of for how much and how long. This is when you're  in control of that. Don't seem eager to sell or offer too much information about the house. Be welcoming but LISTEN to the buyer. They almost will sell themselves the home if presented properly. Buyers want to play it as close to the vest with their agent as much as you do. This is just the beginning of the negotiations, relax and communicate with your agent who will help you through the entire process.

  7. Lastly the Presentation of an Offer and the Closing Contract. When a buyer signs an offer you will be contacted by phone or in person depending on your schedule. This offer will include detailed information, work with your Realtor to review the price, any contingencies and dates.  After that you and your Agent will discuss your options to accept , "counter offer" or reject the offer. Once the decision has been made, 

( hopefully to close) and all signatures have been obtained, you are now under contract. You and your Agents hard work are about to pay off. Once the conditions and terms have been met pursuant to the contract the documents and title will be given to the buyer. Your Realtor, escrow company and any other services will have helped you through the myriad of steps of closing. 


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