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 For many people a home purchase is the single largest expense they will make in their life. For first time home buyers the first step is to get in touch with a qualified real estate professional, they know how to help you take the next step towards home ownership. Call or contact me for all your questions and any assistance in this important choice.

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Why you need a Professional

Here are a few ideas of what home buyers should look for in their Realtor and why.

   We all greatly value  professional advice.  These days, you can find tons of information (some  good, some bad) on your own from the Internet. An agent can use their  experience and expertise to streamline your search, guiding you to the  properties that are truly appropriate. Enlist an agent early in the home  buying process to help you, it will yield better results faster, with  less stress and most likely save you time and money when buying your  home.  Realtors provide:

   1.Local Knowledge: Local knowledge gives you an edge in terms of  understanding the rules and regulations in different areas and  communities, as well as knowing the likely value of a property. Realtors  understand the market better and can typically estimate the value of  the house at the correct price (called a CMA), which is critical and  determined during a consultation to set your goals, of a time frame and  expectations. 

   2.Communication Skills: The best real estate agents are good with people  and know how to communicate the interests of their clients. Good  communication skills help an agent to discuss all matters before a  contract is drafted. Once all the details are discussed, an agent should  be able to negotiate all aspects of a deal. (Please and Thank you are  absolutely part of the process too)

   3. Integrity: Is one of the most important characteristics of a good  real estate agent. Both sellers and buyers are looking for the best  returns on their deals and are likely to ask for referrals before they  decide to hire an agent. Reputation matters.

   4. Ethics :A hard working attitude makes an agent stand apart from the  rest. Selling and buying homes is not a part-time job, it takes a lot of  time and effort to get both parties to agree terms before they sign a  contract. This is why a good real estate agent never gives up and puts  all their effort into their clients best interests.

    5. Familiarity with Rules and Regulations: A real estate agent  understands how rules and regulations apply to real estate in a  particular region. The agent has to be familiar with all laws relating  to a property so that they do not communicate inaccurate information to  clients, or mislead in any other way. The agent guides clients through  all the necessary paperwork and legal technicalities related to a sale.  Since most homeowners are unaware of real estate laws when they buy or  sell a house, they depend on a real estate agent to guide them through  this complicated process.

   6. Persistence: Many agents who want to make it big in the real estate  industry fail in one important aspect: Follow up. "The devil is in the  details" as they say and successful real estate agents do not wait for  lenders ,appraisers or many other services to call them. They keep a  check on all appointments, meetings and showings themselves. They are  also flexible and will adjust their schedule if the client requests.

   7. Passion: Successful real estate agents are those who enjoy what they  do for a living. You must have a passion to serve people by showing  them the best properties within their budget. Real estate agencies also  require a respect for diversity so that people from all cultures and  neighborhoods are accommodated and satisfied. Great agents are  enthusiastic about what they do and they are in this business to help  their clients accomplish beneficial property investments. Lastly you  Realtor is not only your Business Consultant but they are also your  Personal Coach.

  8.  Coaching :They keep you grounded while shopping for your next home,  which can be an emotionally charged,overwhelming experience. A buyer’s  agent can help you keep your main objectives and financial limitations  in mind as you sift through properties with alluring features. They a  have teams of experts on speed dial that can save you time, heartache  and dollars by connecting you with trusted service providers such as  painters, inspectors and insurance brokers. They play hardball...Buyer’s  agents are professional negotiators, with the skills and experience  needed to get a fair price for you. They’ll help you complete all the  time-consuming paperwork accurately and on time. They’ll be the first to  congratulate you when you close and a buyer’s agent will be your  advocate at closing, making sure all your interests are protected as you  sign that pile of forms at the settlement table.


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Additional Information

 Buying a home today means getting all the information you need from a source you can trust that is also knowledgeable of more than just the housing market. Lending is a very big topic everyone needs to consider. Talk to your Realtor about the conventional types of loans available and they can point you in the right direction. They typically have lenders or qualified people to help with your decision making. 

  For example: First time home buyers  down payment assistance is available in most Florida counties. The mortgage is a 30- year fixed rate loan and can be FHA, VA, or USDA Financing for the Down Payment Assistance (DPA) portion. There are also Two options for the DPA program. Be sure to ask your Realtor for more information or who to talk to for all things concerning buying your next home.

 Call or contact me  for all your questions and any assistance in this important choice.

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